Homeless Veterans


We understand that many Veterans start their journey to home ownership at different stages in their life. While we understand this is a complicated and changing issue, we are partnering with local cities and organizations to help do our part. Learn more about our homeless Veteran Initiative to see the impact we have made with local homeless Veterans who are getting help through current city initiatives. 

The Veterans Housing Alliance has long been an advocate for Veterans and their dreams of becoming homeowners. Our organization was founded on the idea of helping as many local Veterans as we can as they aspire to achieve the American dream.

Owning a home can provide an unbeatable sense of security, comfort and financial stability for a Veteran and their family. For our nation’s heroes, this security is extremely important as they continue to fight the hardships that come from transitioning from service to civilian life. Veterans who aspire to be homeowners all start and come from different paths.


Making A Difference in the City of Corona 

As part of our Veterans Homeless Initiative, we are proud to be partnering with the city of Corona and their recent homeless strategic plan. We are going to be working closely with this plan and help local homeless Veterans who could enter into the city program. The goal is to support local Corona homeless Veterans when they are ready to transition from the city’s emergency shelter to permanent housing. The funds raised for this program will directly help homeless Veterans with move-in costs. Such as, but not limited to first/last month’s rent and security deposits. 

To get started, we have already committed $10,000 to jump start this program and begin helping local homeless Veterans as needed. As the City of Corona brings in homeless Veterans through their program, the city will contact us when a Veteran needs financial aid.

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We are currently looking for sponsors and funds to help us cover some of the costs associated with running these programs. Please contact us if you would like to make a partnership or you can also just consider a financial donation.

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