May 16, 2020

New Grant Opportunities For Veterans Seeking Home Ownership

In 2020, the Veterans Housing Alliance (VHA) is proud to announce $20,000 is available for local Inland Empire Veterans who are seeking the dream of home ownership.

These funds will be allocated to Veterans who apply for the VHA’s Grant Program and awarded throughout the calendar year or until all funds are exhausted. The VHA will make an announcement to the community once 2020 funds are no longer available.

The amount of funds made available comes from general fundraising and various other grants the VHA has been awarded to help the local Veteran community.

Who Should Apply?

General Grant Funds ($15,000) 

The VHA will be distributing grants to local Veterans based on two different categories. The general grant fund is $15,000 and will be given to 10 Veterans and their families with grant sizes ranging from $500-$3,000 based on the application and specific need of the Veteran. If you are a Veteran who wants to realize the dream of home-ownership and are having trouble with closing costs or down payment assistance, this program was designed to help you.

Deadline: available as needed or until exhausted

Grant for low to moderate income Riverside County Veterans ($5,000)

Another $5,000 will be distributed specifically for lower income Veterans in Riverside County. Four grants will be given out at $1,250 each to Veterans and their families. The grant for those living in Riverside County have a specific  criteria and are aimed to help strengthen the affordable housing community in our local area.

General speaking, if you meet these criteria, your applicant will be considered and shown to our board of directors for review:

  • Eligible Veteran status (VA Loan is not required)
  • First time home buyer
  • Demonstrate a financial need for home buying (in application)
  • Prepare and upload documents needed in the application in a timely manor

You won’t have to worry about which grant you qualify for, our grant application will determine which one you are eligible and qualify for.

Where Do I Apply?

All applicants can apply online via our website. If applying online will be an issue, feel free to contact us so that we can work with you.

Application Link:

Feel free to find the last page of the application to review the application and find out what documents you will need.

  • For Realtors / Lenders: This is a great grant program for your Veteran / Military clients! Contact us today if you are working with or will begin to work with a Veteran buyer.
  • For Veterans: Its recommended that you work with your Lender or Realtor to help you submit your application. Most of the required documents will already be available if you in the process of buying a home. Please let them know about this grant and tell them you want to apply.

Check out a few Veteran success stories who have received housing grants from us:

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