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The Veterans Housing Alliance has long been an advocate for Veterans and their dreams of becoming homeowners. Our organization works from the idea of helping as many local Veterans achieve the American dream. We are proud to announce a new program that helps combat Veteran homelessness.

Owning a home can provide an unbeatable sense of security, comfort and financial stability for a Veteran and their family. For our nations hero’s, this security is extremely important as they continue to fight the hardships that come from transitioning from service to civilian life. Veterans who aim to be homeowners all start and come from different paths. It’s important that we continue to help all Veterans, no matter where they start on this path.

Over the years, we have provided financial aid (in the form of a grant) to Veterans who are ready to purchase. These housing grants provide that last bit of help to get them over the finish line. In 2020, we gave back $20,000 to at-need Veterans as part of this program. Today, we are excited to announce we are developing a new program to help Veterans who are homeless.

Stopping Veteran Homelessness in the City of Corona

Earlier this year, the city of Corona took a major step forward in city’s new Homeless Strategic Plan. They submitted a 5-year homeless grant request to the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and were approved! In this plan, is also a pledge to help Veteran homelessness who are recognized by the city as homeless.

The city of Corona has new funding for further investments in shelter, services, and permanent housing resources for homeless Veterans. The Veterans Housing Alliance is proud to announce a starting project donation of $10,000 to aid in this new program.  The goal is to support homeless Veterans when they are ready to transition from the city’s emergency shelter to permanent housing.  The funds raised for this program will directly help homeless Veterans with move-in costs. Such as, but not limited to first/last month’s rent and security deposits.

“Considering the sacrifice they made to serve our great nation, the City of Corona is truly honored to partner with the Veterans Housing Alliance to serve our homeless Veterans” said Karen Roper, City of Corona Homeless Solutions Manager.

We are excited to start this new program and look forward to working with many public and private entities.

We Still Need Your Support

As the City of Corona brings in homeless Veterans through their program, the city will contact us when a Veteran needs financial aid. Our initial donation into this program will help a number of Veterans in need. We are looking to raise an additional $10,000 from the community to further support our efforts. You can learn more about our fundraiser by visiting our project fundraising page. The webpage will track our efforts as we aim to complete this goal by mid-year 2021. If you would like to make donation via check to this effort, please contact us directly. Otherwise, you can donate to this cause directly on our campaign webpage.


“The VHA is proud to begin fundraising for this new program. As we continue to grow as an organization, we want our programs and support to grow and adapt with the needs of our local Veteran community. We feel strongly that helping Veterans who are homeless and asking for help will be a critical area of need for our community in 2021” said Ruben Hernandez, board chair and founder of the Veterans Housing Alliance.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our homeless Veteran initiative, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call. You can also send us an email at [email protected] We would love to talk business owners and local professionals who are looking to expand their donations to local Veteran organizations.

Help Us Meet Our Goal: View Fundraising Campaign Webpage